Vinyl Video Delay by Paweł Janicki

Vinyl Video Delay at WRO Art Center [Wroclaw, Poland]

Vinyl Video Delay (installation, 2012). The installation allows viewers to manipulate images of themselves by both scratching the vinyl record and commands sent via the internet. The DJ—like handling of the record and the internet controls to select from among three buffer modes for the images allow viewers to process their images captured a few seconds earlier.

The installation refers to both the early experiments in video art, associated with retardation and looping video images and to contemporary club culture, wit special - cult and cultural - status of the turntable, as the interface tool to control the media and human's behavior. In addition, the work operates with a modern digitized and mediated body.

Originally the work was done for the exhibition Alternating. Direct. Shifting. AC / DC / IT at WRO Art Center.

Additional graphic interface design (network controller): Bartosz Konieczny