Ping Melody @ Radio Copernicus (2005)

Special edition of the Ping Melody music-net-performance joining live music, experimental modern network-oriented activities with "traditional" radio. Guest musician: Dorota Łyda (oboe).

Radio Copernicus the German-Polish Artist Radio was a radio station for German and Polish artists. Its airwaves were open to any form of art which uses the medium of radio as a basis for aesthetic and creative activity. The station was conceived as an independent and transnational experiment to focus on artistic and cultural innovations in electronic media and digital culture.

So what happens to radio when artists take charge?

Radio Copernicus answered that question in a variety of ways and in doing so makes use of music, spoken word pieces, radio plays and acoustic media art. The overarching theme in the station’s programming was “urbanity”, promoting innovative artistic and cultural scenes within its broadcast regions. Radio_Copernicus operated in the spirit of the German-Polish Year 2005 – 2006, taking a bilateral perspective based on a common European identity.

The project was based on an idea by Hamburg audio artist Felix Kubin. It was further developed by a group of about fifty German and Polish producers, writers and trainees under the direction of Sabine Breitsameter. Together, they created a radio programme which has never, so far, been heard on another station. The programme made clear that Radio_Copernicus saw itself as part of today's electronic culture and media art. Electro-acoustic art forms, radio art, performances, young literature and debates about current social and cultural issues formed the main focus.

From 15th July to 31st December 2005, Radio_Copernicus could be listened to on temporary local FM frequencies in Stralsund, Warsaw, Berlin and Wrocław, and online at Broadcasts were in German, Polish and English and ran for 24 hours a day.