!Grot! project
interactive, wearable system and interactive strategy for a narration about Jerzy Grotowski

!Grot! project (2014)

"The Unbroken Prince" can be considered as one of the most distinctive choreographic works by Jerzy Grotowski, even, if we can discuss the authorship of the "score motor" of the work (Grotowski? Cieslak? Choreography collective?).

Contemporary dance theorists use the category of "choreography" very broadly. Susan Leigh Foster published in 2011 the book Choreographing Empathy: Kinesthesia in performance choreography defines as "the structuring of movement" and not necessarily of human movement. New technologies "cooperating" with the performer are in contrast to the poverty of Grotowski's theater. Thus highlight overlooked and (un)consciously ignored paradoxes. The use of technology generates a new formula functioning dancer / performer, shows traffic discipline in the new version...

The aim of our project is to create a dance-performative events of artistic expression on the functioning of the image of Jerzy Grotowski and specific practices that take place in the theater.