Solo exhibition at Gallery 2.0

NetEater at Gallery 2.0 (Warsaw, Poland), video by Ania Ejsmont

Most of my inspiration and interests revolve around music, programming and communication networks. It's fairly typical triad of media art 90s. I do not think I made ​​the slave of the decade - the above observation is a simple statement of the existence of coincidence, but certainly I was growing up - as an artist - in that period.

Contrary to "classic" mapping project based on geolocation process Net Eater is concentred on "electronic" qualities. Forms of data and connections between them are located in virtual space in accordance to parameters taken "direct from data" (IP addresses, etc.).

My impression is that the word "programming", used in the first paragraph, may in many people raise concerns, and rightly so. Developers programmed independently to some extent are a separate community that is not often shown by pundits as a real being. Programming is in some way shameful act, awkwardly deviating from the standard of behavior in the so-called "art world". Eschewing irony here is worth noted that self-programming represents a unique artistic technique.