Wodospad (Cascade)
an interactive installation

Wodospad (Cascade) @ the AIB18 (2018)

Wodospad (Cascade) is an interactive installation created for Long Night of Museums @ WRO Art Center.

Wodospad (Cascade) is a projection installation curated by the WRO Art Center, in cooperation with TVP Wrocław, oryginally created for the WRO Art Center opening ceremony in 2008 and re-programmed in 2014. The work uses audiovisual materials featuring the most famous waterfalls of the Karkonosze (Giant Mountains): Kamieńczyk (the highest in the Polish Sudetes, located on the route from Szklarska Poręba, Szrenica at an altitude of 846 m above sea level, with three cascades falling from a height of 27m), Wilczki (in Mędzygórze, at an altitude of 570 m above sea level, length 23 m) and Podgórna (in Przesieka, at an altitude of 547 m, with 10 m cascade).

The installation depicting a waterfall flowing in the form of large-scale, interactive projection surface.

Wodospad (Cascade) @ WRO Art Center (2014)

Wodospad (Cascade) - screencast, preparations for TechFest (Mumbai/India)