interactive, stock-driven installation (2013)

Aleastock - screencast

Aleastock at the "Field of Vision – Field of Hearing / Lutosławski" Festival at Centre of Contemporary Art "Znaki Czasu" (Toruń / Poland), Nov 15-17 2013.

The installation is a convolution of several phenomena and factors: physical bodies, (public) space and architecture; sound and music; capitalism and economics. In a certain way Aleastock is a parasite feeding from the body of capitalism.

Aleastock is an interactive, sound-oriented work driven by (captured in real time) companies trading on the stock exchange (NASDAQ). Ca. 2700 companies most important for the global economy was selected as data sources for the installation. Interacting with the installation is possible in two ways. Firstly, by motion tracking system to detect the position and gestures of the audience. Second, mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) that can communicate with the installation and allow selecting listed companies and a number of other manipulations.

In the Aleastock is important in particular the impact of the rules of economics on the visual and sound form of work. Thus, the installation is sonificating, and visualizing instantaneous state of the world economy. Aleastock is literally shaped by the work of the global flow of capital and moves the issues typically presented in the arts in a metaphorical way onto the plane literalism. The visual and sound form of the Aleastock also reflects the muddling and infantile nature of publicly available information on the state of the world economy. Relevant information usually are misrepresenting or hidden from the public - only the strong subsidence and subsequent collapse of the system are somehow distributed as a public available information (although they are so strongly, that it is impossible to continue hiding them). And experience in contact with Aleastock clash of the situations described above.

Musical concept of the installation is also inspired by the idea of ​​controlled aleatorism, co-developed and applied several times in musical compositions by Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski.

The premiere of the work took place during the Field of Vision – Field of Hearing / Lutoslawski Festival at Centre of Contemporary Art "Znaki Czasu" (Toruń / Poland), Nov 15-17 2013.