ASET (Additive Sound Emission Technique)

The project - under intensive development directed by the author - located on the border between technology and art. ASET is a technique of multichannel spatial sound emission based on Fourier's analysis and additive synthesis.

The project is a technology developed by the artist for the interactive sound installations, but at the same time, however, the characteristics of the sound produced by ASET and required listening conditions make the project is in itself a work of art, conditioning the occurrence of a particular aesthetic, but at the same time open to the creative processing.

ASET premiere took place at Media Art Biennale WRO 2013. The technique has been used to create a sound environment accompanying one of the exhibitions during the biennial: a space devoted to a charismatic artist Krzysztof "Kaman" Kłosowicz, a legend of the Polish alternative music and art scene, consequently operating outside of the music business. ASET was operating on the sound material recorded during the concert of Kaman with Big Beat band in 1987.